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Customs and Traditions of Nepal

Being isolated from the external world due to the rugged ranges of the Himalayas, unique ways of life have developed in Nepal. These, in turn, have given rise to different types of customs and traditions in the country. For example, Nepalese do not shake their hands like westerners to greet each other, they instead place their palms together—with the fingers up—in front of their chest or chin and say “Namaste” or "Namaskar" to superiors.

Nepal rises from almost 60 meters to 8848 meters above the sea level. Such a difference in altitude in such a small country cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This extreme difference in altitude has made the climate of country completely different in various parts of it. So the people living there, in order to adapt to the climatic changes have developed their own way of life, their own customs and traditions. The customs of the people in the north, who live nearby the cold Himalayan ranges is completely different to those who live in the subtropical climate of the south.

The following categories explain about the customs and traditions of Nepal.

Marriage and Family
Recreation and Celebration

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